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House Cleansings


A house should always feel like a home.  Sometimes emotions, energy, and or spirit get in the way of that peaceful feeling home should bring.  Negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, and depression can flood the environment and take over positive energy so easily.  When you have a constant out put of negative emotions this can manifest some quite unpleasant energy in your home that may seem to be spirit, it can actually be brought on by these emotions in some cases.  Or you can have spirit residing with you that is causing these disruptions.  I always welcome pleasant spirit to stay if they mean no harm and are happy staying put but do encourage them to cross if ready and will help in doing so.  If spirit is being less than nice they need to move on.  I always do this in a loving but stern way because most of the time spirit is misunderstood, other times that's not the case.  If you feel that your house is being taken over either by emotions, certain energies, and or spirit this is when a cleansing may help.

House Cleansing





Expect a cleansing to take minimum 2 hours.  After initial walk through I follow a six step process to ensure that the area is clear, the last step will to grid your home with certain crystals in order to have continued protection.  If you have any questions or concerns about your situation or the process don't hesitate to contact me at :

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